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"1984" was intended to be a realized mainstage production for Illinois State University directed by John Tovar. The video material was shot and created by myself, with the collaboration of other designers such as: 

Scenic Designer: Jordan Gerow

Costume Designer: Ophelia Stone

Makeup Designer: Savannah Oseguera

Lighting Designer: Henry Tran

Sound Designer: Adam Peak

Because of the nature of the pandemic, this production became an unrealized project that had many hours of material and work. Thank you to the director, the design team, management team, and also the actors who had dedicated long hours to this project.

Personal Projects

The videos that are considered personal projects are apart of a collection of artistic vlogs that are in process of being created. These vlogs are of personal experiences to promote my artistic vision, expression, and voice. Videos are written, produced, edited, and designed by myself.

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